Udderly Syllabub

Cow being milked in front of a crows
“Doris Dougan, ” set and ready–able and willing– and the expert milker on the job
I’ve been cruising through an old cookbook and found this recipe for you dairy and brewery fans. This cookbook is too recent for Eunice to have used, not that she would have served anything with alcohol anyway! But I bet it would’ve amused Ron to bring Vera’s elegant houseguests out to the barn for this “treat.”

Beer Syllabub
from The Gold Cookbook, by Master Chef Louis P. DeGuy,
Galahad Books, 1947
“This is a great drink to prepare for summer country house guests. Making it is great fun for the crowd.
Get ready a handful of dried currants which have been washed and allowed to swell up nice and plump in boiling water, then seed them. Into a large punch bowl, put 1 pint bottle of beer and the same quantity of hard cider—using light beer and good bottled cider. Sweeten to taste and add a dash or so of nutmeg. Now have your cow set and ready—able and willing—and the expert milker on the job. Hold the bowl a safe and convenient distance from the cow and milk directly into the bowl about three pints of milk. Milk infused in this way is creamy and frothy and the syllabub is a picturesque drink.”

p.s. …but what are we supposed to do with that handful of currants?

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